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You can play the game without thinking too much about what is actually happening. In that case a lot of things won't make sense and therefore I would recommend at least trying to think about what is going on there and why some specific things happen. It's not nice, it does not contain any super technical aspects,  it's not supposed to be funny, it's not supposed to be relaxing game. And it's not supposed to be happy. But maybe that will leave bigger impact.

Maybe it will somehow help you understand others around you and things you might not have understood before. And maybe, maybe that's exactly what someone around you needs.

A lot of things in this game is not explained, not explicitly said or pointed out. And it was meant to be that way. But everything that might look confusing or seemingly happen with no reason actually does have a reason and has some real explanation. 

If you'll figure out what exactly is going on, what exactly all the details mean or represent, I am really proud of you and happy you played my game. Thank you.

I didn't thought I would join until Saturday morning. Last time I joined Ludum Dare was a year ago (LD39). And I am kinda happy I did. The game is far from perfect (as per usual), it misses some things I really wanted to include, it misses audio completely (which in a certain way makes sense) and graphic sucks, but I am still trying to be somewhat proud of it. I would be happy if this game made you stop for a moment, think about others, and reasons why they might do certain things in a way they do. And not be satisfied with "because they are weird" as the answer. As cheesy as it might sound...

To be honest, I probably needed to vent. And it's easier to do "anonymously" on the internet... And that's exactly how this game came to be I guess.

Alright, that's enough. Thank you and have a nice day! :slight_smile: 

P.S. I might hopefully add more builds, screenshots in next couple of days. Maybe even timelapse that I recorded (about 27 hours with some parts when I forgot to stop the recording that would be cut out).


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